It was Germans not Nazis who attacked Poland

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Maciej Eckardt states that 79 years ago Poland was not invaded by Nazis but by Germans. Germans who mostly were Nazis because they wanted to be them. Unanimously they voted in a criminal system. As long as they were winning, they adored Hitler and his sadistic host with a passionate love. They believed that they were the master race. Many still do.

With true German precision and systematicity they murdered millions of Europeans, including European Jews. What they could not steal, they destroyed. Just like the Huns. Although the Huns did not give birth to philosophers and composers. Europe was devastated by a nation which was seemingly a leader in culture and civilization.

Germans believed that they were the master race. Many still do

September 1st showed how weak Poland was. This isn’t about the tragic policies of Józef Beck or the amateurism of the Polish military. That day showed that Poland doesn’t have any friends and she isn’t well liked because she’s a problem. Poland can only count on herself.

Europe has drawn conclusions from the Second World War. It is free from the desolation of war, although there are still some simmering conflicts on its outskirts.

Despite the multicultural flood, it is still a continent of nation states realizing their national interests. That is completely understandable, and Poland should also behave that way.

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