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‘Kremlin’s next act of hostility’ — Polish flags removed from Katyn, Mednoye memorials in Russia

Russia has removed the Polish flag from a war memorial in Katyn, near Smolensk, in what Polish authorities have called the latest act of hostility by the Kremlin. The site commemorates Poles killed in what is known as the Katyn massacre, a series of executions by the Soviet Union of approximately 22,000 Polish police and […]
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4 YEARS AGOGermany History Karol Tendera Poland WW2 Zbigniew Radłowski News

95-year-old Polish war veteran vs. Germany’s ZDF

A court in Kraków will return to a case brought by a Polish veteran against the ZDF TV channel and the producers of controversial TV series “Our mothers, our fathers” for its portrayal of Poles. The 95-year-old veteran of the Home Army (AK), captain Zbigniew Radłowski who has brought the case will attend the court hearing.

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