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Who was the US photographer who documented Warsaw’s suffering in 1939?

In September 1939, Julien Bryan spent two weeks in Warsaw. During that time, he documented the crimes committed by the Germans on Polish civilians. His photos and film were the first evidence for the cruelty of modern warfare. “President Roosevelt and the people of America, listen to my story. Those who listen, please write it […]
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3 YEARS AGOGermany History Karol Tendera Poland WW2 Zbigniew Radłowski News

95-year-old Polish war veteran vs. Germany’s ZDF

A court in Kraków will return to a case brought by a Polish veteran against the ZDF TV channel and the producers of controversial TV series “Our mothers, our fathers” for its portrayal of Poles. The 95-year-old veteran of the Home Army (AK), captain Zbigniew Radłowski who has brought the case will attend the court hearing.

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