Poland needs to build a monument for the 6 million people it lost in WWII: opinion

Erecting a monument is required to make lies about Poland more difficult

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Jacek Karnowski

There is an urgent need to build a monument to commemorate the six million Poles who died as a result of the Second World War, especially during a time when countries like Russia are spreading lies about Poland’s role during the war and the tragedy of the Holocaust.

There has been a lot written about Poland needing to honor its victories, such as the miracle of the victory over the Red Army in 1920 that saved Europe from the Bolshevik plague, but there is also a need to honor our greatest tragedy of our 1,000-year existence.

We must honor the six million who died in the Second World War. All those who were murdered, starved to death and who fought on so many fronts during that war must be remembered.


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