Just because Polish opposition candidate is disastrous doesn’t mean we need to declare a state of natural disaster

Law and Justice party (PiS) MEP Zbigniew Kuzmiuk writes on disastrous presidential election campaign of Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska, the main liberal opposition candidate

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Zbigniew Kuźmiuk

It’s obvious to all observers of Polish politics that Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska from the Civic Platform (PO) has led her presidential election to disaster. However, the demand made by her party leader Borys Budka for the government to declare a state of natural disaster to stop the upcoming mercy-kill of her campaign is a little over the top.

The PO chose her as their candidate over the Mayor of Poznań Jacek Jaśkowiak, and they must live with it.

Immediately after becoming a candidate, she enjoyed poll ratings of 28 percent. Now, we have surveys showing her with 9 percent of support. This means she has lost almost 20 percentage points and is now in third or even in fourth place — a catastrophic performance by any standard.


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