LGBT Pride Parade participants insult Catholics by profaning Polish icon of Virgin Mary

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Members of Poland’s Catholic community has expressed concern about LGBT activists participating in the Pride Parade in Słubice — located near Poland’s border with Germany — who were carrying a standard with a profaned image of the Black Maddona of Częstochowa, who is Poland’s most sacred icon of the Virgin Mary.

It appears the words of the LGBT movement concerning respect, dialogue and tolerance have once again proven to be empty ones, used only to spread their own ideology.

It is impossible to believe that someone brought up in Poland, no matter if they are a believer or not, would be unaware of the importance of the Black Madonna to Poland’s faithful. It is therefore clear that the LGBT activists profaning a copy of the icon with a rainbow aureole was a conscious effort to provoke Catholics and those who strongly respect one Poland’s most important historical symbols.

What’s worse, the profanation was openly displayed during the Pride Parade, which was organized to resemble a mockery of Catholic processions, which saw the profaned icon attached to a proper standard, and not just a regular pole strapped together with tape.