Poland must have a stronger Eastern policy to counter Russia

The stronger the pro-freedom aspirations of Poland’s Eastern neighbors are, the weaker Moscow’s influence over those countries will be, writes Polish columnist Katarzyna Gójska

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Katarzyna Gójska

Recent events in Belarus are not only a huge challenge and opportunity for Poland, but also an important lesson on how important a multi-dimensional Eastern policy is.

This challenge concerns ensuring the security of the interests of the Polish minority in Belarus, as well as securing Poland’s interests due to the probable scenario in which of Moscow seizes control over Minsk.

This development represents an opportunity as well. If Poland takes the initiative in such a difficult period and focuses on other states around us, we can increase our position on the international arena and demonstrate that Poland is a key defender of freedom in Europe.

We are also learned a harsh lesson in Eastern policy. We can see how infantile it was to believe Lukashenko was a guarantor of Belarusian independence for such a long time.

Eastern policy without a real concept fails us in such critical moment.

We are not efficiently helping Poles in the East, and we are not investing in them by building their prestige in the public spheres of the countries they live in. We are also unable to build the position of our state in the East through actions supporting democracy in those countries.


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