LGBT propaganda should be outlawed: commentary

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Balázs Ágoston

Sexual orientation is an entirely private matter and as such should not be part of either the political agenda nor public discourse, Magyar Nemzet publicist Balázs Ágoston writes. The op-ed piece comes in reaction to the news that Előd Novák, vice-president of the far-right Hungarian Our Homeland Movement, removed a rainbow-colored LGBT flag from the Budapest City Hall building last Sunday.

Sexual orientation does not build communities. Claiming that all people of any given sexual orientation belong to a single global group is just as false as saying that all brown-eyed, blonde, bespectacled people who are 178 cm tall are a part of the same group whether they live in Berlin, Timbuktu, Mumbai, or Auckland. But beyond that, a person’s identity consists of many elements, of which sexuality is but one.

Arbitrarily elevating this single element not only denies the importance of spiritual, moral, social, family, vocation and other fundamental ties, but also degrades humans to the level of simple creatures of instinct.

There is also the simple fact is that, at its core, the inherent and eternal purpose of sexuality is the perpetuation of the race, thus homosexuality is an evolutionary dead end in most cases. We have been living with this disorder for some time. We should treat gay people with the understanding, patience and empathy that all those suffering from personality disorders — such as those men believing themselves to be women — deserve.

Every sexual deviation is a sad example of someone going down the wrong path. No normal society construes when it is a source of pride, just as no normal society thinks it equal to healthy, natural and productive sexuality, much less celebrates it. The LGBT (and XYZ, and so on) movement is the vehicle of promoting the views of a marginal, sadly disoriented minority that rejects the values of the normal majority.

Their flag has no place on public institutions, nor does their ideology have any place in public discourse. Hence, we expect the Hungarian government and parliament to follow the bold example of Poland and in the name of protecting life it should instate strict rules on safeguarding the original function of public institutions and public buildings, outlawing once and for all any kind of LGBT propaganda.   


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