#MeToo is an extreme form of emancipation

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Being asked about the current situation in the EU, Sichtarova, one of the Czech Republic’s leading entrepreneurs, said Europe is quietly falling apart with its efforts to become a superstate. It is obvious that there’s a hard core that wants deeper integration. However, Sichtarova warned that countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Great Britain as well as Italy will be thrown overboard.

The connection between France and Germany within the European Community is not considered by Sichtarova to be a threat. “If these two countries want to move on with deeper integration, they will probably not force the periphery of the EU to do the same. That’s exactly what Central Europe is currently upset about,” she said.

In the next part of the interview, Sichtarova sharply criticized politicians for reducing civil rights and hiring more and more clerks. The reduction of civil rights in our democratic system was a gradual process, thus it is hard to blame one particular administration for it, but two governments in the last eight years have made a huge leap forward in this regard. The government is constantly hiring more clerks and the private sector is shrinking because it has to fund the public sector, she added.

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