The migrant deluge on Europe continues

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The march of illegal immigrants on Europe hasn’t stopped – it has merely changed direction. Instead of going through Italy, they go through Spain after the liberal Spanish government has invited them.

“The European approach to the migration issue is due to the conscious decision of Marx and Gramsci children who run the European Union,” writes Rafał A. Ziemkiewicz for

There is no hope to be seen for Spain. Critics will be simply told that migration is unavoidable.

The writer gives the example of the United States, who established themselves as a world power thanks to legal and controlled migration. All Europe needed to do, was an “Ellis Island” which would filter out those immigrants who did not fulfil established criteria. People who want to risk their lives to get to Europe would be keen to compete to become Europeans.

Marx and Gramsci children run the European Union

The issue, for which the next generation of autochthonic Europeans will pay, isn’t migration itself. It’s that the immigrants from Africa don’t respect Europe. They see Europeans as corrupted, childless and faithless egoists who give away free money.

Who knew that Muslims never managed to conquer Spain in the Middle Ages? They didn’t have to. They were invited by the Visigoths who could not come to an agreement amongst each other. A very interesting and enlightening story, which is probably why it is ignored.

The attack on Ceuta would never have happened if the Moroccan army hadn’t let the migrants through. The Moroccans let them through, because the EU did not accept the kingdom’s decision to raise fees on European fishermen. Once the EU agreed to the fees, the influx was immediately halted. How is Morocco able to fight the migrants off if necessary? They have heavy weaponry and see the migrants as subhuman.

The border wall in Spanish Ceuta in North Africa had been stormed by hundreds of migrants from sub-Saharan regions. Using home-made weapons, they broke the wall and drove back the police. They have entered Spain. Unfortunately, this is not the first of such attacks in Ceuta. The previous one was in January.

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