New opposition leadership not a threat to PiS: opinion

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The new leader of Civic Platform (PO), Borys Budka, is good news for Law and Justice (PiS), as he is radical, predictable and conceited.

Budka’s interview in liberal “Gazeta Wyborcza” is the first opportunity for him to present something more ambitious than party newspeak. Let’s have a look and see whether Budka, as the head of the PO, will spell trouble for PiS.

For starters, the title of the interview reads: “PIS IS AFRAID”.

Perhaps Budka is not responsible for this, as only one subject in the interview relates to the title. In it, Budka states that PiS is scared of being compared to a totalitarian regime. What he didn’t mention is that PiS won two elections after decades of such comparisons.

The editors decided that the main message of the interview is not how Poles can have a better future or any plans to offer new or better ideas for the country. Instead, it was about PiS’s supposed fear.

This is a constant feature of opposition media. Why should the fear of a political opponent be the key to your party’s victory? What does this have to do with a democratic battle for competing ideas?