Opinion: In our naivety, we are rejecting the brutal truth about LGBT culture in Poland

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We are living with the sweet hope that the expansion of leftist liberalism, which is currently spilling through Western Europe at the speed of lightning, will stop at Poland’s borders. Unfortunately, we live in different times.

We must be prepared. Not only will flags on football stadiums become rainbow-colored, instead of their traditional club colors. Not only will the captains of teams wear rainbow armbands. Soon enough, maybe referees will have to wear outfits referring to the symbolic colors of the LGBT movement. Soon enough, stadiums will only be accessible to those fans who possess clear, permanent accents of the right “spiritual identity” and who do not leave any doubts as to which ideology they support.

What about trams, buses and the metro? Models arrive in Poland from the West. And Germans in particular are specialists when it comes to “Only for…” signs. It is not unrealistic to believe that the same will happen in our country.

In our naivety, we will continue to reject the brutal truth that the fight for LGBT rights is only a cover for the war that has been declared by the progressive world against Christian civilization. The centuries-long, incredible spiritual construct behind the greatest achievements of humanity. Without respect for the natural laws of biology, which permit the existence of family as the most important element of social life; without the establishment of the rules of Roman law; without the creation and observance of rules of morality; and without the acknowledgment of truth, good and beauty as inalienable elements enriching the human world, Western European civilization would never have reached the impressive level that we experience today.

Nevertheless, at the start of the 20th century, Russian Bolsheviks initiated attempts to destroy Christian civilization based on the ideals of a “new world” birthed in the mind of German 19th century thinker Karl Marx.

According to the creator of this new utopia, it was meant to change the world. The attempt to fulfill this vision in Bolshevik Russia led to the deaths of millions of humans, people who died in the most horrible state of physical and mental suffering. It gave birth to the most painful term in human history, already known from the French Revolution but not on such a scale — the “bloody terror.”

The great danger of the current, newest attempts to “change the world” comes down to the fact that we are dealing with a modern mutation of the ideas that parts of humanity previously experienced. There is the continuous reference to old ideas in entirely different clothing, but two ingredients remain the same – a new world without God and terror as a means to an end.

The firing of an employee from IKEA in Kraków in 2019 for quoting the bible, which was seen as criticism of LGBT, was nothing other than terror. The dismissal of the coach for Hertha Berlin’s goalkeepers, Hungarian Zsolt Petra, for criticizing LGBT and migration policy was terror. What’s surprising is that the coach had said only a few critical words in an interview for a Hungarian paper. The leadership of the Berlin club wrote in its explanation that the Hungarian’s opinions strongly differ from the values supported by the club.

The “new” is coming. You want to keep your job? Then you better stay silent.

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