Opinion: Legalizing same-sex marriage will let the genie out of the bottle

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The demand for marriage equality for same-sex couples is a key demand of the LGBT ideology which claims that “love cannot exclude”.

It is a catchy notion which appeals to feelings rather than reason. It uses the technique of moral blackmail as it makes it hard to argue against “love”. After all, who could be so heartless, so homophobic, to oppose such a measure?

But if we succumb to this moral blackmail we open the doors to demands to recognize all kinds of relations as being equal to marriage, including polymorphic, polygamous, pansexual, incestual, and so on. All may desire and love, so why stop at same-sex marriage?

We can even overcome the genetic dangers of incest simply by having the couple adopt children. Marriages can become an institution available to groups as well as couples. After all, anything else would be discriminatory.

Sexuality is a great force. It can be dangerous and destructive if uncontrolled. It can be beneficial and creative when kept within boundaries.

Under the slogan of “equality”, an attempt to destroy the existing world is under way. The unique nature of the relationship between man and woman is to be made just one of many possibilities.

But they forget that human sexuality is a cultural and not just a natural phenomenon. This means that if you weaken the one recognized pattern of relations most of us have understood for centuries, you cannot tell where you will end up. You begin to head into uncharted territory.

It would mean an unprecedented experiment of returning to a primeval situation of man governed by his urges — a pre-Judaic and pre-Christian world. It would constitute a world in which the traditional family would be no more, a world in which the weak are likely to be even more vulnerable, especially for children for whom families provide needed protection.

In what way would this world be a better one? What guarantees can the ideologues provide? 

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