Opinion: The suicide of the West through “woke culture”

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Just a few decades ago, the West was associated with logical and properly functioning democracies which cared for human rights and were associated with freedom of thought and speech.

Today the West is on the path to self-destruction.

It has been plagued by the cancer of political correctness for years. Now it is being attacked by “woke culture”. The latter entails being “aware” of racial discrimination issues and other social problems. In reality, this movement is the embodiment of fanaticism and hysteria, which hasn’t been seen for a long time.

“Wokeness” is characterized in the US by the same things which characterized similar phenomena in human history – fanatical religious wars, the fury of absolute faith and obedience to Stalin and the brutality of Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China.

“Wokeness” is political correctness on steroids. It is a fairly new phenomenon which is becoming more powerful by the month in the US. It associates itself with breaking away from any kind of rationality and logic and complete subjugation of the self to emotions, especially hatred towards the modern world. This is fanaticism pushed to the limit – the goal is the total destruction of Western civilization and replacing it with chaos.

All of this is being done in the name of “social justice”, which has as much in common with justice as “people’s republics” during communism had with actual republics.

“Wokeness” is the new religion and “social justice” is its new god.

We must take interest in this growing phenomenon, as it does not relate to just marginal groups but increasingly broader elements of society. It has a hypnotizing power, as any fanatical movement, and it has found fertile ground: the point in which the West has lost faith in its own ideals.

It is creating terror.

People are terrorized by the threat of physical violence from crowds of fanatics. “Cancel culture” is used to destroy people, publicly humiliate them just like intellectuals were during the Cultural Revolution in China.

There is still a chance to stop these processes – the “silent majority”. The stable, rational part of society which speaks out only when things are on the edge.

We just don’t know whether this majority hasn’t already become a fairy tale.

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