Orbán has won the migration debate

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán came in fourth in the “doers” section of Politico’s new power ranking due to, among other things, the debate on the EU budget and the so-called rule of law.
As usual, of course, Politico is not very kind this time either, and their short description makes it clear that they think rebellious Hungary is on the bad side of the debate, the liberal EU on the good one, and in the end they even raise their little pipe dream about what it means for Hungary to remain in the Union — as if another exit would be so good for the European community.
Putting aside the usual liberal malice, it is obvious that the Hungarian prime minister is indeed an unavoidable factor in the Union. It has been a left-liberal mantra for ten years that Orbán has become isolated in Europe, and is leading the country away from it, but the situation is that compliance is not the way to deal with the big EU countries.
In Brussels, they do indeed want to see Central and Eastern European leaders who are looking to achieve greatness. Instead, the EU wants leaders who always want to be small and go against the interests of their country even without being asked to do so. The names of such heads of state and governments are not remembered by many, and they do not end up on the list of those whose opinions, like it or not, should be heeded.
It is, however, an important admission — though not a new statement from the Brussels paper — that Orbán has won the migration debate.
While more and more people across Europe are in favor of curbing immigration , more and more people are seeing the dangers of failed integration, Brussels seems to have failed to acknowledge this debate. Although Ursula von der Leyen has made encouraging statements over the past year, the European Commission she leads is constantly coming up with action plans that will set the debate back by years.
Firstly, although the flexible solidarity invented by the Visegrád Four some years ago was only discovered by others in 2020, it was also formulated in such a way that the migration distribution quota was kept alive . This in itself is an infinitely irresponsible path, as it is an invitation to the millions of people who are putting their lives and property in the hands of murderous smugglers to reach Europe.
If that were not enough, an integration action plan has recently been unveiled , the essence of which is to give food, accommodations and voting rights to 34 million immigrants. There is a complete political failure, resignation, and nihilism on the left-liberal side contained within this proposal – they will accept anyone in the name of realizing an ideology detached from reality. Instead of helping young people in Europe to start and grow their families, they will abandon them up and replace them with immigrants.
In Western Europe, there have already been a number of elections which, with the votes of people with immigrant backgrounds have swung the outcome in favor of the left, and it is no coincidence that Joe Biden and his European ideologues also want to squeeze even more political benefits out of this growing voting bloc.
The linking of EU funds to political conditions is reflected, among other things, in the migration debate described above. The rule-of-law conditions based on EU proposals echoing demands made in articles from George Soros could now be forced upon us.
The fight is not over, the liberals were too early to celebrate last week, and Polish-Hungarian unity is still alive and well. Although they are trying hard, the two of us might be even more difficult to circumvent than they believe.

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