Tusk is Merkel’s messenger boy serving German interests, says Polish MP

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Donald Tusk, the former president of the European Council and ex-prime minister of Poland, serves German interests, says the deputy chair of Law and Justice’s (PiS) parliamentary caucus, Marek Suski, while commenting on Tusk’s interview this week for Newsweek.
In the interview, Tusk argues that Poland is in a “dramatically dangerous place” and that he does not want “[Jaroslaw] Kaczyński to take Poland out of the EU, so he must be stopped”.
According to Tusk, the present Polish government will take Poland out of the EU if “we allow them to govern for much longer” and he believes that Kaczyński is “anti-European to the core in a cultural sense”. Polsat News According to PiS MP Marek Suski, Donald Tusk represents the German point of view. Responding on public TVP Info, MP Suski said that “Donald Tusk represents the German point of view”.
”He is Angela Merkel’s messenger boy serving German interests in Europe and beyond,” said Suski.
According to Suski, “Donald Tusk does not identify with Polish interests. Instead, he serves the interests of those who pay him and put him where he is.”
Suski claims that “Tusk preferred a job in Brussels rather than continuing as Poland’s prime minister. This shows what is important for him and whose interests he represents. Now, he is in the process of repaying those who put him where he is.”
Suski believes that the rule-of-law conditionality mechanism is “an attempt to make Poland totally subservient to and dependent on the EU.”
Poland and Hungary have threatened to use their power of veto over the insistence that a rule of law conditionality mechanism is used in the administration of the next seven-year EU budget and recovery fund.
The next meeting of the European Council on Dec. 10 and 11 will see leaders discuss the matter. If no resolution is found, the EU will have to be financed in accordance with a temporary budget for 2021 based on the settlement for 2020.

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