Poland, Germany and the bark beetle

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When the Polish government tried to cut down trees in a forest threatened by bark beetles, the European Court of Justice intervened and forbade the action. The forest was said to be part of the Białowieża Forest national park protected by UNESCO.

Greenpeace supported by their experts and the media forced the resignation of Polish Minister of Environment Jan Szyszko. The problem is that said forest isn’t even part of the national park.

Did the European Union and Germany really care that much about how many forests are being cut down in Poland? Of course not! The trees became a tool to make the Polish government grovel.

The trees became a tool to make the Polish government grovel

The ongoing conflict regarding Polish courts presents an example of how the European Union is trying to ruin Poland like a bark beetle. Germany is allowed to decide about its judiciary system, but Poland is not. If the EU really understood the current situation of Poland’s courts, then they would know how degenerate and in need of reformation they are. If the EU had such authority to intervene, then it should in fact oblige Poland to fix the judiciary system.

Instead, Poland faces the threat of having the National Council of the Judiciary suspended as a member of the European Network of Judiciary Councils.

The same goes for Polish ports. German ports receive central government funding, but the EU has pressured Poland to close ports.

Membership in the European Union was meant to be a civilizational leap. A bucolic tale of countries cooperating as partners. That was all a lie.

Poland cannot be subject to completely different rules than other EU members.


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