Polish foreign policy turns to China as it finally begins playing on ‘two political pianos’

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The international policy work conducted by the Polish president’s chancellery by both President Andrzej Duda and his entire crew is work I evaluate most positively. Zbigniew Rau, the new foreign minister, is also slowly become a pleasant surprise for me despite him not paying much attention to making enough television and radio appearances.

So where does my positive sentiment come from? Let me explain.

It comes from the statements and communication of Chinese officials who are starting to speak about Poland with great favor. This means that intensive negotiations are being conducted with China under the table, and it seems that these talks are in the advanced stages.

It is obvious that the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs must inform the president’s chancellery of such negotiations, and the main decisions and arrangements must be signed by the Presidential Palace. I will admit that I accept messages such as those from the Chinese with great satisfaction and cannot wait for the further developments in this area.

I also believe that the Sino-Polish talks were initiated long before Joe Biden was sworn into office as president of the United States. This would mean that there is huge flexibility and foresight coming from the Polish Foreign Ministry. To me, it seems that for the first time in decades we found a proper evacuation exit in time, and we have begun to play on “two instruments”. I may therefore accept the hypothesis that someone came to their senses and dusted off the second “political piano”.