Polish journalist: Trump can tap into grievances of White America like he did in 2016 to win reelection

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Can Donald Trump win reelection by tapping into the legitimate fears of suburban America as he did in 2016? Polish publicist Aleksandra Rybińska, in an interview with Polish weekly Sieci, said she believes that to be the case.

Rybińska noted that much like today, in 2016, Trump supporters were mocked by the American elite and media. They are typically portrayed as racists and backward people who are too tied to outdated traditional values.

“Not much has changed in this regard, except that America is burning today. A racial-cultural war is taking place, and it is getting worse with each passing day,” she said.

Rybińska pointed out that in cities governed by Democrats, the number of shootings and murders has risen dramatically. In New York, the number of shootings in August increased by 166 percent compared to August 2019 and murders rose by 49 percent. In Chicago, 54 people were shot just last weekend and 10 died. In July, Chicago saw a 139 percent increase in murders compared to the previous year.

“The demands of radical, Left anti-racist activists to strip police of their funding and decrease their numbers are bringing a bloody toll,” the journalist stressed.