Polish opposition puts on a circus in parliament: opinion

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The crisis connected with the coronavirus pandemic turned is undoubtedly a huge test not only for Poland’s political leadership but also its opposition.

That is why it is worth mentioning the incredible circus that ensued on March 26 during deliberations in parliament concerning key changes in regulations to address the coronavirus crisis.

The infantile behavior demonstrated by MPs of the Civic Platform (PO) and the right-wing Confederation are examples of the worst kind politics during a crisis that threatens the entire country.

After a series of pathetic but often comical gaffes, Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska, PO’s presidential candidate, decided to outdo all of her previous “accomplishments” during the parliament’s deliberations.

Instead of focusing on her job, she put on her serious face and while delivering insolent and vulgar attacks against the government.

PO leader Borys Budka, Polish People’s Party (PSL) head Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz and Confederation’s Krzysztof Bosak also did not refrain from attacking the government, but they came across as nothing more than self-important partisans looking to score political points.

After all, what did they do during the pandemic to be so full of themselves? Especially since it is clear they are not responsible for anything.

Opposition MP Witold Zembaczyński asked an especially disgusting question:

“Where is that small coward from Żoliborz [a district in Warsaw in which Jarosław Kaczyński lives] who is he protecting himself while he sends Poles to the ballots in May?”

Meanwhile, Jarosław Kaczyński was present in the chamber — without any protection, without any fear or panic.

Zembaczyński, who has truly sunk to a new low, then took a pathetic selfie in a mask, goggles and gloves, all for a little attention on social media.

Even these special parliament deliberations of March 26 showed that the majority of MPs are immature children on the one hand and small people on the other, with the opposition representing a huge proportion of those MPs at fault. 

Each performance during the current great crisis was seen as nothing more than an opportunity to flaunt and pretend care, but all that comes from it was embarrassment.

It’s terrifying to imagine that such people could’ve been currently ruling Poland. What’s sad is that they won’t suddenly vanish from the political scene after the end of the pandemic. They will continue to aspire to important positions.

But maybe Poles will take note and see that this opposition is no position to lead Poland during a real crisis.


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