Polish opposition screams ‘dictator’ even as they call for elections to be canceled

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There hasn’t been a day in which an opposition-supporting celebrity or opposition politician hasn’t shouted out, “Duck Dictator”, which in is a sort of wordplay on Jarosław Kaczyński’s surname, which refers to a duck in Polish, along with a call for the breaking of the chains which have, in their mind, imprisoned free people.

The whole issue is beyond strange, however, because we have a situation where the government has the opportunity to introduce measures which would give it unlimited power in a democratic system.

This concerns the introduction of a state of emergency, which would even permit the suspension of opposition parties. This would be an extraordinary opportunity to reconstruct the country and reshape its foundations.

Yet Kaczyński insists on carrying out constitutionally required elections. The so-called dictator wants free and fair elections, and says they should be conducted efficiently and safely. Current Polish President Andrzej Duda is favored to win in these elections, but they can also lead to a second round in which anything is possible.