Putin’s two-pronged attack on Poland: opinion

The old tricks of Russian propaganda are resonating well in the Polish left and extreme right

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Jerzy Targalski

In Poland, the narrative for the left is that the country is anti-Semitic and fascist while the narrative for the right is of a Poland serving as nothing more than a colony of the United States, a country that wants to use the Polish as cannon fodder in a war.

The narrative of a Poland awash in prejudice and totally dependent on Donald Trump is lapped up by all liberal and leftist opponents of the present Polish government.

The second narrative of Poland being labeled a colony of the US is loved by conspiracy theorists who believe that behind the American plot to embroil Poland in armed conflict are the Jews, a group that only Russia can defend Poland against.

The left and the extreme right are in agreement on one thing: Poland should distance itself from the United States. 

As a result, regardless of where you fall on the issues of gender ideology or patriotic slogans, you end up in Putin’s camp. Russia sees a clear opening to use these two extremes of Polish politics in order to sow the seed of discord, which Moscow can then exploit.


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