Rebuild the confederation of free citizens!

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Although the local elections turned out to be a victory for the Right, one must take into account a worrying trend. One of the phenomena of the previous elections (parliamentary and presidential) were the victories of the patriotic election campaigns, and the involvement of thousands of citizens. Like election ants, they did all they could to support the main narrative.

Some hung out homemade banners and posters, others created memes and internet videos and everyone was crossing their fingers and sending millions of likes on social media.

Today, this levy en masse unbeknownst to anyone has retreated to their homes

One cannot forget to mention the unity and the storm of prayers, which hopefully, were a deciding factor in the electoral victory against the forces of darkness. Today, this levy en masse unbeknownst to anyone has retreated to their homes.

On one hand, some people believe that only the government should meddle with politics. On the other, there is no sign of politicians fighting for this citizen activity and upkeeping the characteristic confederation of free citizens. The time has come to change that! 

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