Same-sex marriage: What an irrelevant thing to vote about

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The Chamber of Deputies will be discussing the same-sex marriage act, which would provide homosexuals with the possibility of getting married. This act seems to be irrelevant if we consider the fact that Czechs are already tolerant of homosexuals. The Czech Republic has many other problems to deal with. Education, lack of highways or support of business. Despite this, the Chamber of Deputies will be discussing same-sex marriages which are quite a sensitive topic.

When the Czech government accepted civil partnership as a law in 2006, activists said that this is the end. They would not require any further “benefits” such as adoptions or marriage. Numbers say that they are not interested in having a civil partnership. So, why having marriages? Political homosexuals are starting a campaign, but they do not have the right to decide for others. They simply just divide society, and that’s not good.

Austria-Hungary during the era of Emperor Joseph II was the first country in the world to abolish the death penalty for homosexual behavior. Even in the abolition of the crime itself, Czechoslovakia was among the most liberal countries in the world (in the 1960s). Homosexuals enjoy all human rights, sit in parliament, and are successful in several economic sectors. And people do not care. The Czech Republic is a tolerant country.

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