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In order to realize the historic importance of Orbán’s speech in Strasbourg we really must revisit two previous moments, Magyar Hírlap columnist László Bogár writes.

April 13, 2002 – Budapest’s Kossuth Square (the location of the Hungarian parliament) saw the largest crowd of citizens ever gathered in Hungary. At the time – for the sake of peace and stability – Orbán was not yet prepared to say what was clearly on everybody’s mind: the “invisible powers” were bent on deposing Orbán and his government to further their liberal agenda.

Second flashback: May 2010, also on Kossuth square, the day when Orbán announced his party’s electoral victory, again in front of a crowd of several hundred thousand. In his speech that day, he again refrained from stating the obvious and instead celebrated victory. He did not mention the destruction wrought upon the country by eight years of liberal rule, nor did he say that it was time for reconstruction after a successful revolution.

Another eight years have passed since and with enormous efforts and amid bitter conflicts we managed to at least stave off the deterioration of the community of humans called the Hungarian nation. But the Strasbourg speech, the charade surrounding it and the intent of the global powers to make an example by punishing Hungary has shown that the things left unsaid since 2002 will soon have to be said after all. Not only because these global powers are ready for even more drastic measures, but also because there is no more room for retreat. The past 16 have amply demonstrated what was only a suspicion back in 2002, namely that the malignant growth known as “liberal democracy” is eating up resources at an alarming rate, leaving in its wake ecological and spiritual waste in the form of its poisonous multiculturalism.

This also means that there is precious little room for further manoeuvring. The hour of truth is approaching. In the months after next year’s European elections, we will finally see whether European nations have any life force left and whether they can realize what Hungarians have realized between 2002 and 2018: that liberal democracy, picturing itself as the only way forward is in fact leading the world – and the whole of Europe with it – towards certain destruction.

And those seven minutes offer indispensable help and guidance to realize that fact.  


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