Expats in Hungary put safety first

Security analyst József Horváth says the main reason why many foreigners choose Hungary as their new residence is safety.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Safety, not lower real estate prices or living costs is the main consideration foreign citizens look for when deciding to settle in Hungary.

Horváth said that three years ago, when Hungary erected a fence on its southern border to stem the inflow of migrants, the impact of the measure was difficult to gauge, but it has since become clear that it also resulted in a significant “security dividend”.

“It is also easy to understand why British tourists love Hungary at a time when the Muslim mayor of London says that terrorism is part of everyday life in a metropolis,” he said.


Horváth also said that the majority of Hungarians clearly approved the government’s policy against illegal migration, given that everybody appreciates the safety of their families, everyday life and possessions now as well as looking forward.

One of the major challenges for Europe in the coming years will be the question of how to handle the increased security risk posed by the masses of illegal immigrants, some of whom will receive citizenship in EU countries and will therefore be allowed free movement within the Schengen area.


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