Soukup and Okamura possibly running together in EP elections

According to Lidove noviny, it is very likely that List is going to cooperate with the Freedom and Direct Democracy Party, with support from Marine Le Pen.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The journal bases its statement on information from the European Parliament and business environment resources. In the upcoming months, the joint candidate for European elections could be supported by one of the most striking French politicians, Marine le Pen.

Although Soukup himself refused to confirm it in any way, the cooperation would make sense. Based on the experience of Barrandov’s broadcasting, which Soukup owns and where he moderates eleven shows, he can be expected to align with similar voters like Okamura´s movement, the journal writes. In addition, the cooperation would also make sense in terms of finance.

While this may not seem to be the case at first sight, the success of the new political formation is not unlikely. Five years ago, the Free People’s Party sufficed with less than 80,000 votes to win one mandate.


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