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Andrej Babiš Czech Republic economy European Parliamentary election Commentary

Charanzova: We will remember Babis

Helping Czechs and Czech companies are the main priorities of Dita Charanzova, leader of the ANO in the upcoming EP elections. In an interview, she said that the EU should go back to the beginnings of integration and that the biggest problem is currently migration.

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Andrej Babiš Czech Republic European Parliamentary election European Union Commentary

European elections will see a low turnout and a Babis victory

The turnout at the European elections is traditionally low in the Czech Republic, and even though we can assume that an aggravated political situation and a hot topic of migration will draw in more voters, we cannot expect miracles, political commentator Viliam Buchert predicts.

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Czech Republic Emmanuel Macron European Parliamentary election Marine Le Pen Commentary

Le Pen: The time has come for change

Marine Le Pen launches her campaign for the EP elections. According to her, voters have a unique opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with French president Emanuel Macron. “If Macron does not have the wisdom to go back to the people by dissolving parliament, then let the political arbitrage come from the European elections,” Le Pen said.

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Czech Republic European Parliamentary election European Union Miloš Zeman News

President Zeman sets date for European elections

As decided by President Miloš Zeman, the Czech elections to the European Parliament will be held on May 24th and 25th. The dates were officially announced by the President’s spokesman and now the decision has to be countersigned by Prime Minister Babiš.

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