Charanzova: We will remember Babis

Helping Czechs and Czech companies are the main priorities of Dita Charanzova, leader of the ANO in the upcoming EP elections. In an interview, she said that the EU should go back to the beginnings of integration and that the biggest problem is currently migration.

editor: REMIX NEWS

As put by Charanzova, Babis is a great Prime Minister with big plans that he delivers. She admires his wok commitment, but she also believes that his achievements are brushed aside by his causes, which of course attract a lot of media attention. It is nearly impossible to move on and start to deal with more important things. At the same time, her work is often overshadowed by Babis’ causes as well and it bothers her. Nevertheless, Babis will be remembered for many things he did for the Czech Republic, said Charanzova.

Charanzova rejects allegations about Babis’ conflict of interest. She thinks that the cause is not based on rational grounds and his actions are fully in compliance with Czech law. Even though the PM is in touch with the European Commission, it is not enough. Nothing will ever be good for the opposition, said Charanzova and added that she respects the presumption of innocence. 

Charanzova is the first choice for Babis when it comes to the European elections and it is expected that she will lead ANO’s candidates list. In the EP, she wants to defend Czech interests. She would like to focus on security as terrorist threats still loom over Europe. However, migration is the most pressing issue of today because Europe pays for mistakes it has made, said Charanzova. She stressed the importance of external border protection, so that we will be prepared for a potential future migration wave.


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