Most Czechs don’t know their MEPs

editor: REMIX NEWS

Czech knowledge about the remaining MEPs is relatively low. At least three fifths of the public do not know them at all (the proportion of ignorance varies from 63 to 81 percent). The least known MEPs are Dita Charanzová (81 percent of citizens do not know her), Martina Dlabajová (80 percent) and Petr Ježek (79 percent).

Pavel Telička is best assessed (35 percent of people have a positive opinion on him). However, the proportion of positive and negative responses to him is relatively balanced (35 vs. 37 percent). Also Evžen Tošenovský is positively perceived by a third of people (34 percent of favorable opinions vs. 27 percent of the unfavorable ones which is the greatest predominance of positive assessments over negative ones among all MEPs).

On the contrary, MEP Miroslav Poche, who is also better known among Czech citizens, has more negative reactions than positive ones. He is negatively rated by 41 percent of citizens, positively by only a tenth of the public (13 percent). The perception of him was certainly affected by the situation around his intention to become foreign minister.


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