President Zeman sets date for European elections

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Following Britain´s withdrawal from the EU, the European Parliament will now have 705 seats instead of 751. The Czech Republic has 21 seats in the current EP. The elections in 2014 were accompanied by a record low turnout, only 18.2 percent of the eligible voters participated in the elections.

In 2014, the ANO movement gained 16.13 percent of votes. TOP 09 received 15.95 percent, CSSD 14.17 percent, KSCM 10.98 percent, KDU-CSL 9.95 percent, ODS 7.67 percent, and the Free Citizens’ Party received 5.24 percent of the vote.

The winning ANO gained four seats as well as the CSSD and TOP 09. The KSCM and the KDU-CSL have three mandates, the ODS two and the Free Citizens’ Party one.

EU citizens elect representatives to the EP every five years. This year, the elections in EU countries will be held between May 23rd and 26th. The last polling station will close on the Sunday in some of the member states and all results will be released soon afterwards. Therefore, the final results can be expected in the evening and midnight hours of Sunday, May 26th.

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