Bolsonaro rejects the UN global migration pact

Newly-elected Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro reaffirmed that his country will reject the UN global migration pact, which it adopted a month ago as one of the 152 signatory countries.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Brazil is a sovereign state and it decides on its own whether to accept migrants or not, anyone coming to our country has to abide out laws, rules and traditions, tweeted Bolsonaro, adding migrants have to sing the Brazilian national anthem and respect its culture. Brazilians and migrants will be safer if Brazil sets its own rules without pressure from abroad, he added.

His government – sworn in on January 1st – already announced their intention to opt-out from the UN migration pact, while Bolsonaro announced his intention even before Brazil had adopted in. In December, just five countries opposed the pact, including the Czech Republic and the US.

Bolsonaro is often compared to Donald Trump for his provocative rhetoric and extensive use of social media. They both want to adjust agreements they see as non-beneficial for their economies. Bolsonaro also announced he is considering opting-out from the Paris climate agreement and to leave regional trade organization Mercosur.

Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo said last month that Brazil welcomes migration, but the UN pact is an insufficient tool. Brazil will continue to help migrants, mainly Venezuelans fleeing from an authoritarian regime and economic collapse in their country, he added.


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