Zdechovský: Our conservative alliance wants to reform the EU

The Czech Christian Democrats have allied with smaller conservative parties for the European elections. It represents a better EU, which we want to reform and further develop, MEP Tomas Zdechovský told Info.cz.

editor: REMIX NEWS
via: info.cz

Zdechovský, who is number two on the candidates’ list, thinks that the alliance fulfills an idea of a united conservative, Christian-Social, and Christian-Democratic viewpoint. At the same time, a reform of the EU is at the core of the alliance, specified Zdechovský while likening its stance to German CSU and Austrian OVP.

According to Zdechovský, the EU is too rigid, unable to react accordingly to sudden events like Brexit, adding that he was surprised by a lack of self-reflection. It often takes a leftist approach to issues as its main tools are regulations and quotas, said Zdechovský. Usually, as put by Zdechovský, the EU tends to blame others instead of critically looking at its failures in communication and action to be politically correct.

By not being able to name and face the migration issue, the EU has alienated itself from Czech citizens, said Zdechovský. He hopes that the next European Parliament and Commission will be more conservative and rightist. According to Zdechovský, it is essential to ensure European security and to know who, why and from where they are coming to Europe.

Namely, Zdechovský would welcome an institutional and value-based reform and subsidies limited only to public-sector projects. He also wishes for a more transparent and faster EU with less bureaucracy. The EU is focusing exclusively on a matter that needs a common European approach like the fight against terrorism, environmental protection, etc., he added.

Zdechovský condemned a so-called ‘somersault politics’ implemented by the liberals, socialists, and communists. We cannot go from one extreme to the other; we need time-tested measures and institutions, he added.


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