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Russia angered over Poles and Czechs’ ‘plan’ to partition Kaliningrad

A map depicting the Russian territory of Kaliningrad divided up by Poland…

Grzegorz Adamczyk Grzegorz Adamczyk

MEP Zdechovský: Why I don’t applaud Ursula von der Leyen

The Czech Republic joined the EU initiative seeking to ensure a supply…

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Czech MEP: Coronavirus being used to centralize EU at the expense of nations

"Our view on migration is clear: Europe most protect its borders, and…

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German Green party politician’s strange and illogical thinking on Czech nuclear power

Compared to April, the number of migrants tripled in May

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EU has no understanding of Green Deal’s impact on ordinary people, says Czech MEP

Russia will do everything it can to counter any Polish plans to…

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EU sues Austria over child benefits for foreign workers

“Our position is clear: The European Union must make every effort to…

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Zdechovský: Our conservative alliance wants to reform the EU

Certain Czech families will suffer the consequences of the new Austrian legislation…

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MEP Zdechovský: I cease to believe in democratic principles

PM Andrej Babiš will attend the summit of Prime Ministers of the…

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Czech MEPs Zahradil and Zdechovsky agree the EU must change

Hungarian customs officers seized 75kg of marijuana on the Serbian border, the…

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MEP Zdechovský: It’s about time to replace the EU leadership

General Pavel says we must distinguish between decency and exaggerated political correctness,…

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Czech MEP tells Macron to release innocent driver from prison

Babis’s ANO party remains the most popular group in the country. It…

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Czech MEPs and EU regulation threaten free internet

Civic Democrats (ODS) blame the public service broadcaster for censorship after Czech…

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