Speaker of the house: We must retake national culture

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Speaker of Parliament László Kövér visited a folk festival over the weekend and his short speech there about reinforcing cultural independence was certain to trigger protest from the liberal side.

According to Magyar Idők, Kövér, a long-time friend and ally of prime minister Viktor Orbán, may have mellowed somewhat over the years and remains as media-shy as ever, but his infrequent public speeches – outside parliament, that is – are always certain to get attention.

The setting of his speech in this case is also worth a few words. It was “Kurultáj”, an event the organizers say is the largest traditional folk festival in Europe. It is the tribal assembly of Hun-Turkic nations, celebrating and preserving ancient traditions.


Nomad cavalry charge at the Kurultáj festival

This year, it had guests from 27 nations from Asia or of Asian extraction (such as the Magyars themselves). So this was the setting of Kövér’s speech in which he said that from now on Hungarians will strive to reinforce their cultural autonomy. He also said that in the current times described as modern, would-be occupiers begin their offensive by attempting to confuse the consciousness of their targets.

Kövér said Hungarians can only preserve their independence through the power of the soul, spirit and will. Megyeri writes that liberal opinion-mongers will brand as retrograde any attempt at preserving or reinforcing national values that in their view go against the far superior ideal of globalization.

But Hungarians should not bow to the Western leftists who are attempting to enact a reverse regime change at the very time when Hungarians finally managed to rid themselves of the Communist nightmare.


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