The start of the Spring party

The Spring party convention of liberal politician Robert Biedroń will give the Civic Platform (PO) cause for thought. Professor and political scientist Kazimierz Kik explains how Spring will upend the current Polish Left, given its recent results in polls.

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On Sunday, Warsaw’s Torwar convention center saw Biedroń’s Spring convention take place. The main issues discussed were abortion, same-sex marriage and the limiting of the role of the Church in public life.

Kazimierz Kik evaluated that Spring is an attempt to overcome the division into the social Left and the worldview Left. “We are dealing here with an initiative undertaken by the representatives of the worldview Left, who at the same time take into consideration many social postulates,” he said.

The new group has taken its stance to directly oppose PO. Everything points to the voters of that party being Biedroń’s targets. 

The main casualties will lie with the Civic Platform (PO) and the post-communist Democratic Left Alliance (SLD)

“The main casualties will lie with the Civic Platform and the post-communist Democratic Left Alliance (SLD),” Kik argued. “We can see that SLD is trying to stick themselves to a liberal group, feeling Biedroń’s party’s breath on their backs. If SLD will make such a decision, then it will be a capitulation and a final absorption of SLD by the neo-liberal mainstream.”

The recent speeches of PO politicians prove that they themselves believe that Biedroń will steal a few percentage points from them.

The political scientist also noted that Biedroń is being promoted by the environments of “Gazeta Wyborcza” and liberal TVN. 

14 percent in recent poll

14 percent – this is how much Spring is given by the newest survey conducted by Kanter Millward Brown for TVN. 

“We have proven to everyone, that we are doing well and that we are not a part which balances on the edge of the election threshold. What is more, the combined results of Spring and the Civic Coalition [PO and Modern] would give us the mandate to govern,” said Krzysztof Gawkowski, Spring secretary and former deputy head of SLD.


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