Swedish left may lose elections on migration issues

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Sweden’s ruling Social Democrat-Green coalition deserves to lose this autumn’s general elections because of its leniency towards immigrants while voters are increasingly aware of the drawbacks of migration, writes Magyar Idők columnist Dávid Megyeri.

In an anecdotal story, an elderly Swedish lady recounted that while Sweden may not have taken part in World War II, the population experienced deprivations during the conflict years as there was a marked shortage of cream. This story is a good illustration of the historic fact that Sweden had last been in an armed conflict during the Napoleonic wars, hence why their measure of deprivation is on another scale.

During World War II, Sweden supplied Nazi Germany with the steel needed for its war machine and sat back comfortably at its “Swedish buffet” as it watched the occupation of Denmark and Norway. The same submissive attitude is evident in Sweden’s actions against Hungary in the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).

Sweden recently took the European Union’s side in legal proceedings against Hungary for its law on foreign-funded NGOs. The Hungarian government responded by saying that while it is allowed and even customary for member states to enter a particular lawsuit in the CJEU, this is usually in support of a member state, not in support of the Commission.

While Sweden’s leftist government is unable to control rampaging migrants in its own back yard, it demonstrates firm authority in the EU court. It is very likely that the Swedish government’s attempts to attract the migrant will backfire at the general elections and the next cabinet will have to renounce its strange Stockholm syndrome on migration.

General elections in Sweden are scheduled for September 9th and the newly elected members of parliament (Ricksdag) will in turn elect the new prime minister.

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