Triumph of national memory

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Hundreds of thousands celebrated Polish independence on Armed Forces Day. The opposition has nothing to offer and it is time for them to realize that.

No other gathering or event had managed to garner to so many young people. No one forced them to come to the Great Parade of Independence.

What does the frightened opposition have to offer to young Poles? Although they criticize the young’s inaction, what do they have to offer in exchange for national pride? For community? For ancestral history? For the power of hope? Sane people are sensitive to cheap substitutes. There have been many in Poland. Poles just won’t take anymore.

Poland’s national memory has returned

The idealess elites of the Third Polish Republic tried to create a generation of hedonistic gadget addicts. This generation was to despise the Church, martyrdom, history and identity. Then again, is that surprising? What else can they offer young people? Ex-communist secret service agents protesting under the Sejm in defense of their own money?

Poland’s national memory has returned. The Indomitable Soldiers, buried under the black earth by communist executioners, are growing from that earth like trees of truth.

The Indomitable Soldiers were an anti-communist Polish resistance movement in the late forties and fifties.


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