Ukraine is facing a second Holodomor as males die at the front and women emigrate

Ukraine’s tragedy is comparable to the 1932-1933 great famine in terms of its demographic impact, writes Hungarian security expert László Zöld Szentesi in Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: László Szentesi Zöld
FILE - Cemetery workers burying coffins in Brovary, near Kyiv, Ukraine, Sunday, Feb. 19, 2023. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

When world leaders go mad and want to defeat each other in war, regardless of the consequences of the terrible destruction, you have to shout in their faces: “Wake up, people are dying.”

The situation in Ukraine is tragic.

The latest news footage shows Russian fighters inspecting destroyed Western tanks during a failed attempt at a Ukrainian counter-attack. Surrounded by fallen Ukrainian soldiers, the Russians look through their equipment and pick up a few items. Young boys, fathers and friends lie motionless and silent as the looting continues. They are the ones who will never go home.

Emergency workers inspect a multi-story apartment building damaged by the latest Russian rocket attack in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine, Tuesday, June 13, 2023. (AP Photo/Andriy Dubchak)

In another video, three armed Russian soldiers are seen shooting at least seven of their unarmed comrades attempting to run away. This is horrifying. And yet, the Ukrainian war propaganda also proudly proclaims that a Russian general was killed by a rocket as if he wasn’t yet another victim simply because he was operating under different orders.

According to a recent BBC report, more and more Ukrainian soldiers are fleeing to Romania to escape the unprecedented massacre. They are swimming across the upper Tisza River (on the border of Ukraine and Romania) because they are fed up with seeing more and more of their fellow soldiers reduced to bloody lumps of meat in a senseless game of madmen.

There are also tens of thousands of people coming every day from Romania and Transcarpathia who woke up one wild dawn to find everything had collapsed and set off like ghosts. A few of them stay in Hungary, but the majority move on. Ukraine, which the warmongers claim to want to protect, is slowly being emptied and irreversibly destroyed.

Everyone is concealing the true extent of the losses, but what can be deduced from the flood of exaggerations and lies is that the human toll may already have reached the hundreds of thousands.

Some 18 million people have fled Ukraine since the outbreak of the war, mostly women and children — only a fraction of whom will return when the fighting eventually subsides.

Men are being killed, women are emigrating, resulting in the Ukrainian population falling dramatically. Ukraine is now a society losing the ability to ever regain its reproductive capacity.

It is therefore an inhuman lie that the West is serving the interests of the Ukrainian people by supplying modern weapons, bringing Russia to its knees and prolonging the war. Even the victorious battles, the few villages recaptured, the scorched land returned to Ukrainian sovereignty, increase the chances of the final collapse of Ukraine itself.

Let us not forget that the situation in Ukraine was not easy even before the Russian aggression.

Before Putin started what he called “special military operations,” 6 million economic migrants had already left Ukraine because of the poor living conditions and the hopeless political situation.

Since then, the Ukrainian economy has been rendered completely dysfunctional and the state has been sustained only by Western aid. In these circumstances, it is a big question of how many Ukrainians will believe in a just peace, in the promise of reconstruction after the arms race, and how many will say that they would rather see their future in the richer parts of the world.

What is certain, however, is that Ukraine is facing a demographic tragedy from the prolongation of the war that can only be compared to the catastrophe of the great famine of 1932-1933, the Holodomor. All warmongers, all Western politicians who, as traitors to Europe, have sided with the American empire’s efforts to weaken Russia to the utmost, will bear personal responsibility for this, alongside Putin.

Meanwhile, the alternative of an immediate ceasefire and the opening of negotiations is being shouted louder and louder around the world.

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