Vast majority of US citizens are tired of political correctness

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Overall, the study presents unusual findings, showing something that lies underneath the surface and is not usually visible. For years, the Americans have been deluding themselves into thinking that they want political correctness. In fact, only a leftist intellectual elite wishes for it  

For example, 88 percent of native Americans are tired of political correctness, so are 87 percent of Hispanic people and 82 percent of Asian Americans. Against political correctness are also African Americans and the youth. Actually, the only group that showed somewhat positive views on it are well-paid white liberals with a university degree, who are self-identifying as atheist or agnostic.

It might sound like fake news propaganda, but the study wasn’t conducted by More in Common organization and published in The Atlantic – a very liberal magazine. Obviously, the usual outcome of such surveys and studies that America’s public is divided into two equally camps, isn’t actually true. 

According to the survey, there are only 8 percent of progressive activists among Americans. However, they take a disproportionally huge part of the public discussion given the small part of the population they represent.

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