Yes. These are restroom doors in Brussels, the heart of the European Union

The portraits of the Holy Mary and Jesus Christ on restroom doors in Brussels have provoked outrage among Polish Twitter users, who see the use of holy images to designate the doors to the “ladies” and the “gents” as yet another sign of the decline of Brussels.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Journalist Marcin Wikło posted a photo of the restroom on Twitter, showing the distasteful use of Christian symbols. He wrote: “Brussels today. A toilet for ladies and gentlemen…a fall.”

The reaction of Polish internauts ranged from outrage to straight up disbelief that something like this is possible.

“I’m waiting for an argument. Why won’t they hang pictures of Muhammad and his wife Aisha?,” writes one user.

The sacred portraits were taken down from the doors on demand of Polish journalists

“The Blasphemy!”, “Dear God…”, “What a pathetic leftist provocation”“Lenin and Marx would be proud of the continuation of their work”, “The house shows the owner and because that owner is a neocommunist then the house will be a marxist kolkhoz,” others wrote in response.

The sacred images were later removed from the doors at the request of Polish journalists. 

“By request of Polish groups, the pictures have been taken down. Distaste lingers,” writes Wikło on Twitter.




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