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Will you apologize for your xenophobic remarks, Mr. Tusk?

Since the start of my career as a journalist in Poland, I did not publish a single article that did not elicit hateful comments in the comments section. These comments have included “Ustasha descendant,” “What are you doing here, go back to Croatia,” or “His grandfather was a butcher, and he comes here to teach […]
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Scandalous poster spreads across the internet

A scandalous poster depicting Law and Justice chairman Jarosław Kaczyński’s face as part of a knife handle, has been spreading throughout the internet. The deputy head of the Museum of Warsaw is one of the people who shared the image.

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Yes. These are restroom doors in Brussels, the heart of the European Union

The portraits of the Holy Mary and Jesus Christ on restroom doors in Brussels have provoked outrage among Polish Twitter users, who see the use of holy images to designate the doors to the “ladies” and the “gents” as yet another sign of the decline of Brussels.

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