Scandalous poster spreads across the internet

A scandalous poster depicting Law and Justice chairman Jarosław Kaczyński’s face as part of a knife handle, has been spreading throughout the internet. The deputy head of the Museum of Warsaw is one of the people who shared the image.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The deputy head of the Museum of Warsaw is not the only person to have shared the poster. A member of staff from the Warsaw Rising Museum, Jarosław Trybuś has also done so. The graphic image shows a black knife on a white background. Its handle bears close resemblance to Jarosław Kaczyński’s profile. (picture above)

Many internauts believe that this is a reference to the murder of Paweł Adamowicz and an attempt to put the blame on PiS’s chairman.

Both the deputy head of the Museum of Warsaw and Trybuś have removed the photo from their Facebook profiles.

Warsaw councilman Sebastian Kaleta has called for a response from the city’s mayor, Rafał Trzaskowski: “Mister Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski. You declared to fight against hate speech. Now is an ideal opportunity, because this involved the deputy head of the Museum of Warsaw which is an urban institution. What action will you take in this case?”

Kamil Dąbrowa, the spokesman for the Warsaw City Hall has informed that Rafał Trzaskowski has called for a meeting with the deputy head. 


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