Mr. Tusk, be silent!

Deputy Speaker of the Polish Senate Stanisław Karczewski (PiS) did the right thing by publicly denouncing Donald Tusk’s insensitive comments concerning the pandemic crisis, writes senior columnist Jerzy Jachowicz

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Jerzy Jachowicz

An important politician has finally reacted to Donald Tusk’s scandalous posts on social media. Deputy Speaker of the Senate Stanisław Karczewski of Law and Justice (PiS), outraged as a doctor, human and lastly as a politician, denounced the former Polish prime minister’s recent post on Twitter.

“Duda is happily commenting on sport events, a smiling Morawiecki is announcing new successes and Kaczyński has hid himself in his new office. The virus has already killed almost 3,000 Poles and will kill more. A plague,” Tusk wrote.

Karczewski is a politician who is usually very calm and open to conciliation. He prefers to avoid harsh words, but this time, he was certain that Tusk’s political cannibalism in the face of the pandemic could not be tolerated.

“Mr. Donald Tusk, please stop using that kind of language towards us. There are no politics here, our lives are the key issue! Mr. Tusk, please be silent!” he commented on the former Polish prime minister’s “primitive wisdom”.

This was an important appeal to Donald Tusk. Most importantly, Karczewski uttered this retort to Tusk during TVP’s news program, which means it has reached hundreds of thousands of Poles. At least some of them have learned about Tusk’s true colors.

The dreadful harvest gathered by the pandemic across the globe does not end with the loss of health and lives of millions. Every thinking person is aware that the coronavirus is creating massive damages and will leave huge losses in every area of human life for decades to come. We can only hope that it will not damage these elements of society permanently.

Sensibility also suggests that given certain conditions, humanity may leave this pandemic stronger and richer — especially internally. But for this to happen, we must create a united effort to oppose this destructive force, beginning with the basic social community that is the family and climbing towards the more complex structures which comprise human civilization.

We will finally reach the national community, which represented by the state, will have all the necessary tools and resources to give us a chance to achieve the most efficient results of our battle with the pandemic.

Tusk is not limited in his mental capacity, and understands these elementary necessities. Yet, in the pursuit of political goals or some kind of need to fulfil himself in a public forum, he posted his scandalous tweet. Paradoxically, Tusk’s own words, which he spoke out as prime minister years ago, can now be directed towards himself:

“A safe Poland cannot be built with people for whom hatred, obsession and insecurities are the main drive for action,” said Tusk at the time.

Yes, Mr. Tusk, your words were very true.


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