20 young migrants attacked a group of German teens and children with sticks

By John Cody
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A group of 20 young migrants attacked a group of young German children and teens with sticks and proceeded to beat some of them once they were on the ground in the German city of Chemnitz, according to police;

The police report indicates that “around 20 unknown children and young people suddenly attacked a group of other children and young people, apparently some with sticks.” A local radio station, Radio Chemnitz, reported that “the attackers appeared to be foreigners — the victims were Germans.”

At Konkordia Park in the Schloßchemnitz district, one 11-year-old German and a 14-year-old “were pushed to the ground, at which point they were punched and kicked.” The young Germans suffered only minor injuries.

The police report indicates that the perpetrators are “around 12 to 14 years old with a darker complexion.”

Police stopped a group of teens aged 12 to 16 after the attack in a neighboring district and are investigating whether this group was involved in the attack.

‘It’s getting worse and worse’

Chemnitz has seen a steady uptick in crime due to its migrant population, according to Tag24 newspaper. The paper describes how a Libyan pepper-sprayed eight people in the downtown district in July, injuring eight customers in a shop. In addition, there have been mass brawls involving migrant men in the area.

CDU city councilor and police officer Michael Specht told Tag24: “It’s getting worse and worse.”

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Chemnitz made international headlines in 2018 after German-Cuban Daniel H. was stabbed to death by two migrants. Riots broke out following the stabbing death as tensions boiled over. The anti-immigraiton Alternative for Germany (AfD) has a large support base in the eastern city, which is located in Saxony.

Other cities in Saxony also suffering

In the neighboring city of Plauen, there has been a wave of violence involving young migrant men, including an attempted murder.

Mayor Steffen Zenner told Bild newspaper: “Unfortunately, we have to repeatedly acknowledge ugly scenes of violence and physical confrontations in the middle of our city center. These are predominantly caused by migrants. It should be noted that the majority of migrants living in Plauen adhere to the law.”

The police department stated that in one case, “a 14-year-old victim (Iraqi citizen) who was slightly injured was initially identified on-site. Subsequently, other young people (Romanian and Syrian citizens) came forward who were also beaten and injured by unknown perpetrators in the Postplatz area. The police are investigating dangerous bodily harm against unknown people.”

In May, a Syrian stabbed an Iraqi, who nearly lost his life, and a brawl between North African Arabs and Kurds led the police to make arrests at Club Delta in the city.

The city’s mayor stated in response to the violence:

“In my opinion, we are witnessing the results of a failed migration policy. The traffic light (ruling) government has no recognizable migration strategy, there are no regulations on upper limits on immigration as well as European and national border security measures that take place across countries and in a concerted manner.

Of the non-Ukrainian migrants living in Plauen alone, around 40 percent are clearly obliged to leave the country. Why isn’t the federal government taking consistent action?”

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