Albanian migrant accused of killing his French host over an argument about religion, sends video of body to neighbor over Snapchat

The migrant, who should have been deported, reportedly sent a video of the victim’s body to a neighbor over Snapchat

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An Albanian migrant stabbed his French host to death after the two engaged in an argument over religion earlier in the day, according to French public prosecutors.

The stabbing homicide took place during the night of February 14 to 15, 2023, in the west-central French town of Poitiers, according to the public prosecutor.

The 30-year-old Albanian suspect stabbed the 44-year-old caregiver inside the home they were sharing at the time. The suspect is illegally in France and is subject to a deportation order that was never executed, an issue that has plagued France, including in relation to the Algerian migrant who raped and murdered 12-year-old Paris schoolgirl Lola last year.

The suspect apparently gave himself away after he sent a video of the victim’s naked body to a neighbor over Snapchat, according to a report from French newspaper France Bleu.

“He told me that he had ‘executed’ the guy who took him in,” this neighbor told La Nouvelle République. “I asked where his roommate was, he said ‘at his house’ before sending me a video.”

The neighbor, who appeared to know the migrant and the man hosting him, said the murder victim was “a very nice person, with a big heart. (…) He let the other man live in his residence for two years and paid his bills. How ungrateful.”

The neighbor then alerted the police who arrived at the apartment to find the victim with numerous stab wounds lying dead inside the apartment’s bathtub. Police found blood located on the walls of the apartment, but the floor had already been cleaned.

According to a source close to the investigation, the suspect explained that he had an argument with the victim during the day on Tuesday related to religion, which police believe may have been the motive behind the murder.

In a somewhat similar case dating from 2020, a migrant who murdered his French host, who also happened to be the head of a pro-migrant refugee NGO, was sentenced to a psychiatric facility, with the courts ruling this week he was psychologically unfit for prison.

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