Belgium ‘fed you, gave you jobs’ and you ‘ransack it?’ – Belgian influencer rages after Moroccans riot over World Cup win

By Dénes Albert
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After Morocco’s shock World Cup victory over Belgium, a Belgian TIkTok influencer is questioning why fans of Morocco’s national football team, who live in Belgium, rioted and destroyed the cities that took them in as migrants.

“Morocco has won. It has won against Belgium… You live in Belgium, but you are ransacking Belgium after your team won. Well done! Respect! But why? Why? I fail to understand,” TikTok user Nanavk3 said. “To see such things in our f**king country, in our Belgium, which has taken you in and which you trash as much as possible after winning against Belgium?

“In the very country that has accepted you, given you f**king lodging, fed you, gave you jobs, and you, you win, and you have nothing better to do than to trash Belgium and ransack it?”

@nanavk3 #greenscreenvideo #honteux #match #bruxelles #quatar2022 #coupedumonde #norespect #bruxellesmabelle #maroc ♬ son original – Nanavk3

The woman’s video, which has nearly 200,000 views and almost 5,000 comments, was posted after Morocco’s shock 2-0 victory over the Belgium team brought thousands of supporters of Morocco onto the streets of Brussels and Antwerp; many took part in large-scale rioting that saw police attacked, vehicles burned, and shops looted.

In one video, a Morocco fan scales a high-rise building to rip down a Belgium flag as a crowd cheers him on.

The TIkTok influencer then points to claims that people are rejecting mass immigration and the actions of certain ethnic groups due to “racism.”

“No, but really? So, what is your problem?” she asks. “Really, explain to me, what is your problem, you sons of bitches? And second, you are always unhappy because you are the victims of racism, it is always you who are the bad guys, who ransack, thieve, violate. But you are doing exactly what you are being accused of!”

She continues by saying, “Once again, I’m talking about these people, not the Moroccans or Arabs who are not part of this category, but this category is very invasive. I’m sorry to say, but you are a minority, a minority, and you are not part of these people.”

Belgium has a population of 500,000 Moroccans out of a country of 11.5 million, making them a substantial and often poorly integrated ethnic group in the country.

The images and videos are serving as a stark reminder that many of the migrants the West has taken in remain hostile to their host countries, and despite claims of the left-liberal establishment that “diversity is a strength,” the mass influx of foreigners has stoked polarization in society, fomented fears of demographic replacement, and worsened security.

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