Career criminal in France jailed for just four months after 57th theft conviction spanning four decades

51-year-old Abdel Kader O. received just four months in prison despite having 56 previous convictions for similar offenses

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Thomas Brooke

A career criminal with over 50 theft convictions to his name spanning four decades has been sentenced to four months in a French prison after being found guilty of burgling the home of an elderly woman.

The convict, named Abdel Kader O. and whose nationality has not been reported, entered the home of his elderly victim known as Paulette on June 3, 2021, while she was in the hospital; he reportedly stole her jewelry collection including a brooch, two watches, and three pendants.

Kader O. was picked up on security cameras installed at the property and was already well known to police due to his 56 previous convictions between 1989 and 2023 for theft, aggravated theft, and attempted theft.

After initially denying the charges, the 51-year-old eventually admitted his guilt at a hearing at the Tarbes criminal court last week.

“Yes, that was me. I think it’s me. I have memory problems because of my treatments,” he told the court.

The French public prosecutor’s office had lobbied for a substantial prison sentence of two years due to his propensity to re-offend, as evidenced by a litany of previous convictions. In addition, the prosecution requested damages and reimbursement for the unrecovered stolen items of around €2,300 to be paid to the elderly victim.

In mitigation, the defense counsel explained Kader O. is a drug addict in need of care and has funded his habit for decades through crime.

The convict is already serving an 8-month prison sentence for an identical offense.

The Tarbes court sentenced Abdel Kader O. to four months in prison and ordered him to pay just €1,200 in damages and costs.

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