Croatian court convicts Hungarian CEO for bribery

Hungary will not extradite the businessman

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author: Mandiner
President-CEO of Hungarian oil and gas group MOL Zsolt Hernádi. (Brigtta Burkus)

The Supreme Court in the Croatian capital of Zagreb sentenced former Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader to six years, and CEO Zsolt Hernádi of Hungarian oil and gas group MOL to two years in prison in a bribery case, Euronews reported.

On Monday, the Croatian wrote that the Croatian Supreme Court had ruled in the MOL case and dismissed the two defendants’ appeals, upholding the previous verdict.

Sanader has been sentenced to six years in prison for accepting a bribe of €10 million, and Zsolt Hernádi to two years in prison for bribery. The judgment is final. The two men were already convicted in 2019, but they appealed the verdict at the time.

Hungary is not expected to extradite Zsolt Hernádi to Croatia

The Hungarian Central Prosecutor’s Office ordered an investigation in 2011 and found that no crime had been committed on the part of MOL, and therefore terminated the investigation. In 2013, the Hungarian court then refused to execute its European arrest warrant issued against Zsolt Hernádi, issued by the Croatian prosecutor’s office.

The Croatian Prosecutor’s Office against Corruption and Organized Crime indicted Zsolt Hernádi back in 2013 after their investigation revealed that MOL had taken control of the Croatian energy company INA in 2009 because Hernádi had paid off the then Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader.

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