Ex-Bulgarian PM Borisov released from custody following arrest for blackmail

The arrest of former Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov- (MTI/AP/Dimitar Kyosemarliev)
By Dénes Albert
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Authorities in Bulgaria have released the country’s former prime minister, Bojko Borisov, and two other members of his former government following a 24-hour period of detention, it has emerged.

Local media reported at the time of the arrest that Borisov and his acquaintances were being held on suspicion of embezzling European Union funds. However, according to Euronews, no charges have been filed and the current investigation is related to an alleged blackmail.

Authorities have not offered any comment as to why they had previously provided false reporting as to the reason for the arrest.

Borisov was detained in Sofia on Thursday night, shortly after Laura Codruta-Kövesi, the Attorney General of the European Union, arrived in the country.

Codruta-Kövesi had told reporters on Wednesday that the misuse of EU funds, in addition to a number of other cases involving corruption, are currently being investigated in the country.

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