France: Foreigners commit 69% of robberies, violent crimes, and sexual assaults on public transport

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By John Cody
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Last year, 69 percent of violent robberies and other violent crimes, including sexual assaults, on public transport in the greater Paris region of Île-de-France were perpetrated by foreign nationals, according to the annual figures of the SSMSI, the statistics bureau of the French Ministry of Interior.

However, looking closer at the data, it is revealed that Africans alone are responsible for 52 percent of such crimes while only representing 3.2 percent of the population of France.

Even for all of France, the data clearly shows that African nationals account for 42 percent of the above-mentioned types of crimes, way above their statistical weight within the French population.

Regarding crimes specific to public transport, the situation has actually not changed substantially over the years. The last time Remix News reported on such data in 2020, 69 percent of sexual assaults were committed by foreigners at that time as well.

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Overall in France, these crimes are also mostly (55 percent) committed by foreign nationals, the data indicated.

In a breakdown of the statistics from the city of Paris, 38 percent of violent robberies and other violent crimes were perpetrated by foreign nationals from the Maghreb region, which constitutes North African countries such as Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, followed by Africans from countries outside the Maghreb region. In total, foreigners committed approximately 70 percent of all violent robberies in Paris.

Another 8 percent of these crimes were committed by non-French EU nationals, and 6 percent by European nationals not hailing from the European Union.

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The last time Remix News reported on general crime statistics from France, which was last year, the interior ministry announced that 48 percent of all crimes in Paris were committed by foreigners.

One factor to keep in mind is that the French statistics do not break down crimes based on race or ethnicity; nor do they reveal immigration background. So, a French citizen whose parents are both from Algeria will be counted as a French national in the crime statistics. In Denmark, such information is available, and it shows that second-generation migrants with Danish citizenship actually have higher rates of crime, including murder and physical assault.

As Remix News reported in June, a poll conducted for top French newspaper Le Figaro shows that nearly three out of four French people believe there are too many migrants in the country, with the poll results coming after the country accepted a record number of foreigners in 2022 under President Emmanuel Macron.

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